Dropbox vs SugarSync

Have you ever wanted to share a large file with someone and it was just too big to email? Have you ever wanted to synchronize files between computers at home and at work? Both Dropbox and SugarSync will do both of these for you, but the question is, which one is better? Well, the answer depends on you!

Dropbox is very simple to use and has a single folder where you put all of your files you want to sync with the Dropbox servers. If you don't mind moving some of your files from their current location, then this is the simplest way to go. Dropbox gives you 2GB of space for free, but if you use my referral link, we will both get a bonus! I use Dropbox to keep my email synchronized between my virtual machines, to keep files handy for use on my phone, and to share files with friends.

SugarSync is a little more complicated to use, but has some advantages over Dropbox. First, you get 5GB of storage for free, and they offer a bonus too if you use my referral link. Just like Dropbox, you get a dedicated folder for synchronization, but they call it a Magic Briefcase. The second advantage is that you can pick and choose additional folders on your computer to synchronize to the SugarSync servers using the client, albeit a little complicated to use. The third advantage of SugarSync is that it will synchronize your photos on your Android mobile device to your computer effortlessly. Dropbox has since added this feature, but I still prefer to use SugarSync for this because I have more space available and don't have to worry about running low anytime soon.

Either way you prefer, these two services will give you a secure cloud storage capability that makes your digital life simpler. These give me a way to replace Floppies, CDs and DVDs to get data to someone that has Internet access.

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