Android as a free WiFi Hotspot (without root!)

A great Android App was recommended to me a few weeks ago by my Uncle, and I had to share it.
FoxFi enables WiFi or Bluetooth Hotspot on your Android phone - no tether plan or rooting required! Take a look at some of the reviews in Android Market.
To install, on your phone go to foxfi.com
FoxFi is much better than other tether software on Android. The advantages are obvious:
  • No rooting required, avoid hassle and risk of bricking
  • No need to install anything on the computer
  • Supports connection from any tablets including iPad, Kindle, Nook etc.
  • Supports connection from PS3, XBox, WII etc.
  • Supports multiple connections at the same time
  • Secured with WPA2. Avoids the security risk of enabling USB debugging. 

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